This is a review of Moschino Boy Toy Cologne.

Boy Toy Cologne by Moschino

Boy Toy is a woody oriental scent for men. It was launched in 2017 and designed by Mario Testino, who was one of the most famous fashion photographers at that time.

Boy Toy Cologne by Moschino has notes of cedar, vetiver and green apple. The fragrance is recommended for casual use because it’s not very strong but still pleasant to smell all day long.

Scent Type: Woody Oriental

  • Woody Oriental: A scent type that combines woody notes with oriental scents, this is a versatile fragrance for men who want to smell like they just stepped out of the woods.

  • Woody Oriental: This scent is warm and spicy, with a nice kick in the back of your throat. It's also long lasting—you'll still smell it on yourself hours after you've applied it!

Key Notes: Cedar, Vetiver, Green Apple

The key notes of this perfume are cedar and vetiver, which are paired with green apple. Cedar is a woody scent that smells like fresh cut trees in the forest, while vetiver is an earthy scent with hints of vanilla. Green apple gives this fragrance its sweet fruity flavor.

The resulting blend is unique; it's not your typical mix of these scents, but rather something entirely new that works well together to create a unique aroma.


Section: Overall Opinion of the Scent

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Oh, it's a perfume. It smells like perfume!" And you'd be right. It does. But, boy do I love it!

If Mike & I ever decide to get married again (and we might...just kidding ;-), I want him to wear my scent at our wedding and not his own. He always wears lemongrass cologne (which is his favorite fragrance). He will never forget this!

He loves the scent so much that he recently bought me every bottle of this fragrance that they have in store. So as you can imagine, I am pretty obsessed with my Boy Toy Cologne by Moschino !

It's one of those scents that you have to try before buying if you're in love with strong colognes or fragrances; because chances are, this fragrance won't stay easily in stock forever. This wonderful blend of mystery and mystery is guaranteed to leave you falling more in love with it all the time!  It smells like your man who knows he has a special smell on when he leaves the house - but isn't too sure what it is or how to describe it :) The mixture of woods and earthy tones make for a truly smell-able adventure for any adventurous soul who loves being outside – whether its during early mornings or late afternoons! For someone who can't stand an overly heavy scent like most guys do, my Boy Toy is perfect; a light fresh yet powerful fragrance that makes them feel good all over their body from head-to-toe. Definitely not too sweet or flowery smelling but has enough power behind it to keep those around me feeling good about how they look and smell! Its the perfect balance between masculine and feminine - often times men don't know exactly how women expect them to smell