Perry Ellis 360 Red is part of the Perry Ellis 360 line of fragrances. The brand was created in 1999 by Steve DeMercado and it has since expanded to include other scents such as Perry Ellis 360 Blue, which is an aquatic scent with notes of watermelon and grapefruit.

Perry Ellis 360 Red was released in 2003 and it's described as a spicy mix between citrus fruits, woods, spices and musk. It has been described as having notes that are warm yet fresh on women who wear this perfume because they can smell its fragrance throughout their body without having an overpowering effect on them like some scents tend to do when used too often or for too long at once (such as those found in colognes).

The opening notes of this fragrance are citrus, peach bellini, bergamot and petitgrain. These notes are then combined with lemongrass to create an aroma reminiscent of a summer day in the South. As it dries down, you will notice drydown notes including musk (which makes for a sexy scent), amber and vanilla bean.

Perry Ellis 360 Red is perfect for night time wear because it has an elegant feel that evokes confidence without being overpowering or floridly floral like many other perfumes on the market today!


Middle notes are the most delicate and fleeting of scents, but they're also some of the most important. They can impart an element of sophistication or mystery to a fragrance, depending on how well you pick them out. In this case, Perry Ellis 360 Red has three middle notes that are each very distinct: orchid (a sweet floral), honeysuckle (an exotic citrus) and jasmine (a pungent floral).

The first two ingredients create an impression that is both classic and modern at once—the traditional smell of an old-school cologne with hints of freshness from its newer iterations in perfumery today. The third ingredient sends it into another realm altogether; it's so unique that even if you haven't smelled anything like it before, you'll recognize immediately what kind of smell it is just by looking at its name!

Base notes are the last scent to appear, and they're also the most intense. They anchor a perfume's scent, providing a framework that allows other notes to come through more clearly. In Perry Ellis 360 Red's case, vanilla and sandalwood give way to ambergris and musk; these three notes together create an aromatic base that lasts long after all other aspects of the fragrance have faded away.

Perfume is an inexpensive luxury that can be fun to try out. It's also the perfect way to express your personality and add some oomph to any outfit.

And if you're looking for something more than just a fragrance, consider getting yourself some cologne or body wash too!