Having big dreams and intense passion, Joseph Marie Francois Sportuno of Corsica, moved to Paris and changed his name to Coty, based on his motherНs maiden name. In 1904, he built Coty Inc. as a brand that he knew and believed will make a mark on the fragrance world. It was hard to market perfumes and cologne during this era because these were perceived as a luxury and not as a need. But this did not hinder him to produce exhilarating fragrances that dominated the 19th century and made him a multimillionaire. His first fragrance was known as La Rose Jaqueminot, which was marketed in a sleek and elegant flacon in different size variations. It was an effective strategy that would cater not only the upper class, but also the mid and lower classes. The perfume was so grand and impressive, but so reasonably priced that every woman with exquisite taste would really love and own it. Coty after all believed and states: сGive a woman the best product to be made, market it in the perfect flask, beautiful in its simplicity, yet impeccable in its taste, ask a reasonable price for it, and you will witness the birth of a business the size of which the world has never seen.о Today, Coty Fragrances continuously charms the olfactory senses, making it one of the oldest and successful beauty brands of all time; Check out and see why!

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Designer Playboy

Playboy Vegas cologne is an oriental-fougere fragrance for men by Coty. This unique scent is ideal for any casual occasion, helping you to stand out and create a positive, lasting impression without being overbearing. Inspired by the high-rolling style and dynamics of Las Vegas, Playboy Vegas will give you the confidence you need to succeed in any situation.

Year 2008


Age Group

Recommended Use Daytime, Evening

Fragrance Notes
Granny Smith Apple, Tea, Basil Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender Woody Notes, Vanilla, Musk, Tonka Bean

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